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Furniture Re-Coloring Kit
Furniture Re-Coloring Kit
Item#: furniture-recoloring-kit

Product Description
Furniture Re-Coloring Kit

$75.95 + $11.95 Shipping/Handling

Totally Re-Color and Refinish Faded Cracked Leather Furniture- Even change colors. This kit contains enough color refinisher to cover up to 96 square feet of surface area with three coats. Enough material to refinish most seven foot, three seat, leather couches. Recent technological advancements with additives improves adhesion performance, flexibility and feel. Before you throw out that old piece of leather furniture, Renew-It! Choose from 48 standard colors. Our colorants are naturally Semi-gloss, offering a somewhat shiny appearance. A flattening agent is added to orders specifying Matte/Flat which is dull in appearance (most popular). Works great on all smooth leathers: Chairs, recliners, ottomans, coats, apparel, handbags, shoes, saddlebags, motorcycle seats, chaps, saddles, etc. even raw leather.

Kit Includes: * Color coat dye (Choose from 48 standard colors) 16 oz. * Preval Sprayer (dispenses up to 16 ounces of liquids) * Bond Aide 1 oz. (improves strength and adhesion of finish) * Flex Aide 4 oz. (improves finish flexibility) * Slip Agent 4 oz. (use to change the feel of the finish) * Sub-Patch backing material * Color coat applicators ( 2 Foam brushes) * Terry Cloth towels (Qty. 2) * Strainers * New and improved leather crack filler 1/3 oz. * Sand paper * Spreading tool * Latex Gloves

************Select color here**************** Standard-Avocado Standard-Beige Standard-Benedictine Standard-Black Standard-Bone Standard-Burgundy Standard-Champagne Standard-Cordovan Standard-Dark Brown Standard-Dark Grey Standard-Dark Peach Standard-Dark Red Standard-Eel Standard-Eggshell Standard-Emerald Standard-Ferrite Standard-Ice Grey Standard-Light Blue Standard-Light Brown Standard-Light Grey Standard-Light Navy Standard-Light Taupe Standard-Maroon Standard-Misty Blue Standard-Medium Brown Standard-Orange Standard-Otter Standard-Pink Standard-Purple Standard-Red Standard-Royal Blue Standard-Russet Standard-Sand Grey Standard-Saddle Tan Standard-Skybolt Blue Standard-Smoked Elk Standard-Soft Grey Standard-Soft Pink Standard-Special Maroon Standard-Special Navy Standard-Sunset Standard-Tan Standard-Taupe Standard-Turquoise Standard-Ultramarine Standard-White Standard-Yellow Matte/Flat Semi-Gloss