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Color Tinting Kit for Standard Colorants
Color Tinting Kit for Standard Colorants
Color Tinting Kit for Standard Colorants
Item#: color-tinting-kit-for-standard-colorants

Product Description
Color Tinting Kit for Standard Colorants

$59.95 + $11.95 Shipping/Handling

Make Your Own Custom Colors- This kit contains everything you need to make your own colors or "tweak" any of our standard colors (see below for automotive colors). Anyone can do it following the basic color mixing guide below. You get 7 tinting colors including: brown, yellow, black, red, blue, white, and green.

This kit also includes all of the components of our leather repair kits. For applications on leather furniture or flexible leather with folds and/or cracks, we recommend purchasing additives of Bond Aide, Slip Agent, and Flex Aide. For a matte appearance add Flat Aide. All standard colors are semi-gloss in appearance. All of our additives can be found on our A la Carte page.

Kit Includes:

*Seven, four ounce bottles of Standard colorants.

*Seven colorant strainers

*Colorant applicators (2 foam brushes)

*8 alcohol prep pads

*leather crack filler

*Crack filler applicator (Spatula)

*Sub patch backing material

*Latex gloves