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Item#: choosing-a--color

Product Description

Color selections can be described as two main types:

1. Colors for automobile interior projects. Color choices for automobiles are very exact, and they are made by using the different manufacturer’s interior color names as listed on our Automotive Color Charts. If you are not sure as to what the name of your interior color is, there are a couple of ways that you can find out. First, the vehicle’s original window sticker will list the interior color name. Please do not worry about the manufacturer’s internal interior color code as all our dye products are referenced by color name only. Secondly, should you not have access to the original window sticker, it is possible to contact a factory authorized dealer for your brand of vehicle. Ask for someone in either the parts or body shop department. Give them your vehicle’s serial number and explain that you are doing some interior work on your vehicle and you need to know what the interior color is named. Sometimes these dealers will attempt to give you the code but not the name. These people mean well, but they don’t understand that the name of the color, not the code, is what you need. Once you have the name you can simply go to the Leather Renew Automotive Color Chart for your brand of vehicle and find your color. If you don’t find the color name of your interior, please e-mail us at client.service@leatherrenew.com and we will work with you to obtain the dye color you need.

2. Color choices for all other projects: These color choices should be made from our Leather Renew Standard Color Chart. Color selections for items such as furniture are not the exact science found in colors for automobile interiors. Because hundreds of furniture manufacturers use literally thousands of different dye colors, it is impossible to have exact match dyes for every application. Sometimes an exact match can be found on our chart, however, in some cases a “close as possible” color is the best you can find. Suprisingly, a close color can in most cases achieve an acceptable color match up for making repairs to furniture. Also, the entire piece of furniture can be recolored using our products at low cost, and the furniture piece will look “brand new” again. The new finish you apply to your furniture will last just as long, and usually longer, than the original finish color. If you have concerns about the color on the website looking different than in person, please e-mail us and we will be happy to send a sample of the color on a piece of leather for your inspection.