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Basic Repair Kit with Standard Colors
Basic Repair Kit with Standard Colors
Basic Repair Kit with Standard Colors
Item#: basic-repair-kit-with-standard-colors

Product Description
Basic Repair Kit with Standard Colors- $25.95 + S&H $7.95 Professional Grade- This kit contains everything you need to make minor repairs and re-color leather. Simple to use with Professional tools. Contains enough material for numerous repairs. Select from 48 standard colors. 4 ounces of colorant covers up to 24 square feet of surface area with three coats. Totally re-color small articles such as shoes, handbags, belts, furniture, jackets, etc. Make repairs to worn finishes, scratches, cracks, cigarette burns, and the like. Excellent for all smooth leathers. Disposable Preval sprayer dispenses up to 16 ounces of liquid. Great for "feathering" or blending colorants into existing finishes. Foam brushes provide good quality finish results. For your convenience, we have provided the option to remove the Preval sprayer from this kit.

For large cuts and holes, add a cut kit.

Kit Includes:

* Standard colorant (Choose from 48 colors) 4 oz.

* 8 Alcohol prep pads

* Sub-Patch backing material

* New and improved leather crack filler

* Spreading tool

* Colorant applicators (2 foam brushes, 2 inch)

* Colorant strainers (removes particles for smooth finish)

* Sand Paper (320 & 600 grit. 3 of each)

* Preval Sprayer (dispenses up to 16 ounces of liquids)

* Latex gloves

* Easy to follow step by step instruction

* Unlimited email support. We stay with you through the process.